Our Technology

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Our Technology

The tools we use to help you achieve your mission

Annkissam builds software that supports the unique operations, data, reporting and outcome measures of each organization. Our technology allows us to build high-quality, affordable, flexible systems to meet your technology needs.  

Open Source

Open source software, in which the source code is available to be reviewed by everyone, is often a collaborative effort of volunteers around the world. This transparency means bugs and security issues can be fixed quickly by the community, without the expense of ongoing licensing fees that typically accompany proprietary platforms. We have carefully selected open source platforms that have large community support and which we believe are a good choice for the organizations we serve.

Ruby On Rails

We use Ruby on Rails to build complex custom workflow systems at a fraction of their usual cost. Even with a limited budget, an organization can have a system that does exactly what it needs, thereby increasing productivity and building capacity. Working with your staff, we can quickly design and build applications that help you achieve your mission. We take an iterative approach to building our web applications, starting with the underlying data model and then building a user interface to support that data model.


Drupal is one of the largest and fastest growing open-source content management system available today. It boasts a massive development community that continually improves and supports Drupal sites and systems worldwide. Nonprofits may not always have the funding to afford fully customized systems or more expensive off-the-shelf products. Drupal provides a very cost effective solution for nonprofits as it is modular and provides substantial functionality out of the box.


The Phoenix web framework is an exciting new technology that Annkissam has been using since 2015. It’s built on the Elixir programming language, described as ‘functional, concurrent and general purpose’. Phoenix enables us to leverage the same battle-tested, highly concurrent, and mature technology that has been powering the telecom industry for over thirty years, in order to build similarly stable web applications that can scale and handle large concurrency demands. We’re excited to be using this technology to meet our clients unique requirements, delivering the same reliability and cost savings that Annkissam is well known for.


Linux is an open source operating system that is widely used for servers and embedded systems (such as smartphones) around the world. There are a wide variety of software tools available to support our application hosting and system administration. We use linux because it provides a stable operating platforms for our client applications.


Elixir is a functional programming language used to build scalable, fault-tolerant applications. Since adopting Elixir in late 2015, Annkissam developers have continued to hone their skills and support the open source community. For more information, check out our Elixir page.

Want to talk open source technology with us? Contact us at info@annkissam.com.