Senior Software Developer, Boston, MA

The position of Senior Software Developer is responsible for the following tasks and duties:

Technical/Software Development, including: Work independently on software design and development tasks, such as developing code and reviewing code that other less experienced developers have produced. Build new and complex parts of the software to provide good patterns for other developers; and solve difficult software problems. Review project plans and software roadmap with project managers and other developers to prioritize developer work queue and backlog. Work collaboratively with less-experienced developers to design and develop software systems. Software team technical strategy and decision-making, including collaboration with managers or staff, internally, to identify software solutions and make decisions on best technical practices and policy. Responsible for small group of developers, includes supervision, developer training, and decomposing technical updates into developer tickets. Build and maintain small developer team structures to support developer team’s operations and advancement of its software systems. Supervise staff at various experience levels. Support staff to help advance their careers while developing high-quality software. Serve as advocate for team’s software investments which are in line with company goals and direction. Review and approve system design decisions prior to implementation by less experienced staff. Train developers at various experience levels.

Requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Requires 4 years of experience as a Ruby on Rails Developer, specifically including experience in the following areas:

(1) Design, development and maintenance of software systems using Ruby on Rails, AngularJS frameworks, and other relevant libraries; (2) Management of the MySQL databases that support the data layer of the systems; (3) Responsible for the software delivery cycle for application features, drafting solutions to requested features and presenting tradeoffs to the stakeholders, and building the features; (4) Deployment of software to different servers and environments; and (5) Management of technical debt and promotion of code improvements.

Requires demonstrated proficiency building and maintaining complex systems using the following software and technologies:

Ruby; Ruby On Rails; SQL; Linux; OS X, AngularJS; Javascript; MySQL; Redis; ; jQuery; OAuth; rspec; capybara, phantomJS; CircleCI; haml; cancancan; webmock; Capistrano; CoffeeScript; Devise Subdomain SSO; Resque-mailer; Resque-scheduler; Simple Form; Her ORM; PaperTrail; JWT Token.

Annkissam, LLC, 38 Chauncy Street, 10th Floor, Boston, MA 02111. 40 hours per week, 8:00am to 5:00 pm.

To apply, send letter of application and resume via email to