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Fiscal Intermediary software specialized for New York self-direction

Dignyfi lifts you up! Individuals manage their services with real-time access.
Brokers focus on people, not paperwork. FIs get paid fast.

Grow your FI with confidence!

Dignyfi was created just for New York self-direction by the national leader in FI software. Serving over 175,000 self-directing individuals, our software powers organizations to grow without the growing pains. Dignyfi simplifies FI operations and manages the extra complexity of the New York program helping our clients move individuals off the waiting list and into the services they want. 

Proactively manage your program and cash flow for growth. 

Enroll individuals faster. Streamline communication. Budgets are accurate up to the second. Controls ensure compliance rules are enforced automatically. Process payments faster and get paid in full, on time. Manage FI services with software that flexes with program changes. 

Compliance and HIPAA security are a breeze - pass audits and keep your data secure. 

Ensure all OPWDD self-direction requirements are met and keep your data up-to-date with automated workflows. Sail through audits with real-time reporting. Maintain PHI data securely, with HIPAA-secure hosting and disaster recovery in place. Keep the right people knowing the right information in real time with role-based access.

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Number of self-directing individuals served by our systems


Annkissam Statistics - Cloud and arrow image
Self-direction payments processed

$21.67 Billion

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Self-direction timesheets  processed

12 Million

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Employees working in self-direction tracked in our systems


What is Dignyfi?

Dignyfi is designed specifically for New York’s self-direction program. It helps Fiscal Intermediaries enroll individuals, self-hired staff, vendors and brokers in compliance with all OPWDD, state and federal requirements.

Dignyfi automatically compares timesheets, invoices and reimbursement requests to individuals’ budgets and program rules so compliance is ensured seamlessly.

Dignyfi processes payments faster with electronic submission and approval of timesheets, broker billing sheets and reimbursement requests, with automatic feedback so they are right the first time. 

Dignyfi manages the OPWDD billing caps and required unit increments so they don't have to be tracked separately on spreadsheets.

With Dignyfi, Fiscal Intermediary staff, brokers, individuals and families can easily monitor usage in real-time, helping individuals stay within budget and make informed budget adjustments because they choose to, not because they have to.

Dashboards and real-time reporting keeps all stakeholders up-to-date so everyone can focus on people, not paperwork. 

Features and Functionality: 

Simplify your operations - program data right where it should be. 

  • Track individuals’ relationships, enrollment dates, Life Plans, Staff Action Plans, recurring reviews, and more
  • Manage broker and staff certifications, trainings, professional development and background checks, broker agreements, and more
  • Store benefits and fringe rates for staff
  • Automatically track the status of enrollments and new hires to ensure program requirements are met before allowing payments out of individuals’ budgets
  • Get reminders to make sure that ongoing requirements stay met

Run your program efficiently with dependable cashflow - controls on budgets and payments make the details a cinch. 

  • Manage startup brokerage and OPWDD budgets with automated controls to ensure all spending meets program rules and fits in the budget, before making payments
  • Reduce incomplete and inaccurate staff and broker timesheets, reimbursement requests and invoices with automated controls
  • Submit timesheets, reimbursements and invoices electronically via phone, tablet, laptop or desktop
  • Validate every claim against the NY OPWDD billing rules and reduce denials
  • Connect Staff Action Plan goals to staff shifts and link Life Plan valued outcomes to invoices and reimbursements
  • Record staff time with daily and monthly notes
  • Generate monthly and annual expenditure reports

Meet Evvie. The latest in self-direction efficiency from Annkissam.

Who's Evvie?

  • She’s no-nonsense.
  • She gets the job done. Right.
  • She’s there to help and then get out of your way.
  • She understands and respects self-direction.

Evvie is the practical answer to the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) requirements of the 21st Century Cures Act. Meet your state requirements with Evvie! Evvie promotes the choice and control inherent in self-direction by meeting the 21st Century Cures Act requirements in the least-restrictive way for individuals.

Highlights include:

  • Purpose-built for self-direction by self-direction experts
  • Location recorded only at clock-in and clock-out
  • Supports individuals, their representatives and employers to review and approve time
  • No schedules required in the software - that’s between the individual and their staff!
  • Fully accessible
  • Achieve the efficiency you know is possible without paper timesheets

What clients are saying

The masquerade function in the dashboard is fantastic. Very helpful feature when families and staff are having trouble in the system because they can see exactly what we're seeing & we can walk them through it step-by-step."

My spreadsheets are going away! My spreadsheets are going away!"

Your view of enrollment includes everything. It's a spider web and everything is connected. I like that."

You mean I don't have to use pen and paper to write down a checklist? - Wow.”

“We expect to at least double in size over the next year, which will require us to operate more efficiently,”

Chris Bertoncini, CFO of Residential Resources, Inc.

“Until now, much of the complex processing associated with enrollment, Medicaid billing, staffing and compliance has been done manually. We selected Dignyfi because of Annkissam’s deep experience and expertise in self-direction, which is reflected in this highly tailored software.”

 “It will streamline the majority of our processes, enabling us to do far more while gaining substantial time-and-cost efficiencies and ensured accuracy.”

Dignyfi is a comprehensive all-in-one solution, including EVV, billing plus communication and tracking tools.