Choice and control for people living with disabilities

Advancing self-direction across the country.

Self-direction is a model of long-term care service delivery that expands individual choice and control. Participants in self-direction programs regularly hire their own workers and make decisions about how to use individually budgeted funds for long-term care services and supports.

Annkissam has spent almost 13 years investing in our products for self-direction.  Our software supports programs in 40 states and counting.

Rooted in self-direction

Annkissam’s roots in self-direction took hold early, just as federal and state policies were changing to support increased self-direction. Our co-founder Mollie Murphy spent her early career working to improve policy guidance and operations for home and community-based services, with a focus on self-direction. Now with a team of experts from the field, Annkissam leads the industry in self-direction software for Financial Management Services (FMS). 

Working with the leaders

From the start, Annkissam has worked closely with some of the country’s leading and largest FMS providers, rolling out cutting-edge software to support their complex and changing operational needs. Today, Annkissam's software supports over 75 self-direction programs of all sizes and models, across 40 states and counting.

Expertise that grows with self-direction

As self-direction grows, thrives, and evolves, Annkissam is meeting every new challenge, innovating daily to make our software better. Our leadership, product managers, and implementation teams are continually listening and learning so we can help providers support the increasing number of people who want to self-direct.


Expertise that stays ahead of regulation

Self-direction programs use Financial Management Services (FMS) to support regulation, tax and budget compliance. FMS is focused on ensuring tax compliance and upholding program rules so participants can spend their time managing their care and support services. 
At Annkissam we are focused on being the best partner we can in your self-direction program. We know the policy, we stay connected to the changing state and federal regulations and help our clients stay ahead of compliance with our software solutions and ongoing support and  guidance.

You may know of self-direction by a different name:

  • Participant Direction
  • Consumer Directed Services
  • Community Living Program
  • Veterans-Directed HCBS
  • Consumer Direction
  • Consumer Direction Option.

What clients are saying

The Annkissam staff are the leading experts in the field of self-direction. It is refreshing to talk to Annkissam staff that have been in the business and understand first hand the challenges that FMS providers face each day.”

In considering software, we researched industry-specific software leaders, and used feedback from peer FMS agencies, and chose a platform based on FMS acumen and intelligence. We chose Annkissam because their software offered an intersection of business intelligence, ability to optimize systems and shared values.”

Annkissam’s depth and breadth of knowledge of consumer direction far surpassed our expectations.”

We selected Annkissam because of deep experience and expertise in self-direction, which is reflected in this highly tailored software. The software streamlines the majority of our processes, enabling us to do far more while gaining substantial time-and-cost efficiencies and ensured accuracy.”

Annkissam offers multiple products designed to manage and operate FMS programs for self-direction.