Timely, cost effective, and secure. Use the web to meet your FLSA challenges — for travel time, Medicaid claiming, FMAP, and more. FLSA compliance — just in time!

  • Uses mapping platform to calculate travel time based on existing payroll data
  • Calculates travel time between HCBS worker shifts
  • Developed by Annkissam’s Mollie G. Murphy, nationally recognized HCBS Home Care Rule expert
  • Works in programs with a few employers or payers, or thousands of them.
  • HIPAA-secure access from any Internet connection
  • Complies with DOL guidelines on overtime and travel time
  • Allows workers to be paid for different services at different rates
  • Calculates correctly even when different payers have different paydays
  • Avoids errors that slow you down
  • Can be customized — or just “plug and play”
  • Works equally well with one or many agencies or payers
  • Supports accurate information for Medicaid claiming and FMAP
  • Upload payroll data and get back overtime for individual consumers plus overtime and travel time for agencies and/or third party joint employers such as states

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