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Building the tools that help you fulfill your mission

Annkissam serves mission-driven organizations by helping them to manage their information more effectively. We are committed to the nonprofit community and have completed a variety of projects that support unique nonprofit operations.

Annkissam uses new technology to build custom software in a fraction of the time, which means we can build it at a fraction of the price. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for nonprofits and social enterprises.


Our Approach

Annkissam offers cutting-edge technology and operations expertise at affordable rates for nonprofits and social enterprises. Depending on client need, consulting projects may be performed in-person or remotely. Read more about our services.

Annkissam has built custom systems for social enterprises nationwide. Our clients include educational institutions, healthcare providers, fine arts organizations, and advocacy organizations. We collaborate with our clients throughout every step of the software development process to make sure the system is built the right way the first time. Our agile approach ensures that clients’ needs are fully satisfied and that the system gets built the right way the first time.


Ways we've helped nonprofits

Long on Knowledge, Short on Funds

A 10 year-old nonprofit that provides technical assistance and performs cutting edge research was expanding rapidly.  For the first 10 years of the organization’s existence, the close knit team easily collaborated, sharing knowledge verbally and storing documents on their individual computers.  When a colleague needed a document authored by another, the document owner e-mailed it. Knowledge was stored in individuals' heads, e-mails, and their personal computers.

Over the past year, the organization had doubled in size.  Demand for the organization’s services ballooned and new staff, from remote offices all over the United States, joined the team.  However, everyone struggled to get new staff up to speed and it was difficult for new staff to know what information the nonprofit already had and what information needed to be found externally or created.

An Executive at the organization determined that they must invest in a Knowledge Management System.  However, after reviewing Knowledge Management products, the Executive grew concerned that existing products were not only out of the nonprofit’s price range, but were also more complex than needed.

How we helped

  • Annkissam developed a custom, web-based Knowledge Management System using the open-source technology Drupal
  • The new system allowed geographically disparate staff to collaborate on document creation
  • Subject matter experts were able to easily share their subject matter expertise
  • Staff were able to be kept up-to-date with activities within the organization
  • New staff were able to on-board faster as a result of more centralized knowledge


Complex Data Relationships

A nonprofit health care organization was using a system for tracking their providers, but it didn't allow them to capture the complexity of their contracting relationships. The team used spreadsheets as workarounds to track the additional data they needed, but it made reporting very difficult.

They decided that a custom application would allow them to capture their data in a way that supports all the different types of provider relationships. The custom application would also help them to eliminate the large quantity of spreadsheets being sent around.

How we helped

  • Annkissam built a new system that supported all the necessary objects and relationships that needed to be tracked
  • An administrative interface allowed their leadership to manage the options used throughout the application
  • The system also supported interfaces that fed the data into other operational applications
  • The data was migrated over from the previous software and the team started using the new application about four months after development began.
  • With the new data infrastructure in place, Annkissam then built the reports needed to support the organization's operational and regulatory requirements.


Determining Organizational Needs

A $50 million Health and Human Services organization decided that their current client intake and operational management tools were not efficient and were not allowing them the reporting capacity they desired.

With three separate divisions and over 40 individual programs, the organization used a variety of intake mechanisms, from recording client data in homegrown spreadsheets, emails and voicemail messages, to completing photocopied paper forms.  The organization knew that many clients received services across programs and divisions, but without any centralized intake tools or processes, that was almost impossible to determine.  Funders required increasingly complex reports and the organization struggled to keep up.

The organization’s executive team had decided to invest in an organization-wide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.  But which system would meet their needs?  With so many programs, processes and staff, who knew what their needs were?

How we helped

  • Annkissam performed an operational needs assessment for each division and program, with the goal of prioritizing their needs and identifying similarities across programs
  • After several weeks of highly detailed, side-by-side work with the organization’s staff, Annkissam produced an actionable report for the executive team
  • Amongst critical information for choosing an ERP system, the report showed where needs were identical across programs, where they were similar but not exact, and where program needs were unique
  • The report prioritized the organization’s needs, so as they reviewed ERP systems they could make trade-offs between functionality that the organization absolutely had to have and what they could live without


Coordinating Resources

A nonprofit care delivery system with a unique revenue reconciliation process needed to coordinate three teams of people. As the organization grew, communication between the teams became harder and the reconciliation process fell behind schedule. The leadership realized that they needed a better way to share information and manage the process.

There wasn't a product available that could support their workflow out of the box, so they decided to build a custom software application. The goal was to build a platform for the teams to track and share their progress in resolving the reconciliation discrepancies.

How we helped

  • Annkissam worked with the Chief Financial Officer and other key staff to identify the key business objects and relationships involved in the process
  • The system was developed in several iterations with the initial version of the application was built within eight weeks
  • As planned, the team used the system and got more ideas about how they wanted it to work. Annkissam delivered an update to the system based on the team's feedback about every two weeks after launching the initial version.
  • Annkissam continues to develop this application as the organization's operations evolve.


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