10 Amazing Ideas: Innovative Responses to the COVID-19 Crisis from the Annkissam Community

Innovative Responses to the COVID-19 Crisis from the Annkissam Community.

10 Amazing Ideas: Innovative Responses to the COVID-19 Crisis from the Annkissam Community

We are so grateful to work with amazingly creative organizations--industry leaders and problem solvers. Over the past few weeks, we have been blown away by their innovation and wanted to highlight some great examples.

1. KIDVID with Ms. Megan from People Inc.

Early Childhood Support Specialist, Megan Tavares is an MSW with People Incorporated.  In this YouTube video, Megan checks in with children and families dealing with changes to their routines and feelings that social distancing and other issues might bring up for kids.

2. Social Connection Talk Line from Abilities in Motion

Self-isolation can leave many feeling just that -- isolated. That's what inspired Executive Director, Stephanie Quigley and the rest of the team to launch a social connection phone line. People in Berks County PA  and beyond are encouraged to call one of three numbers, simply to chat. There are lines for English or Spanish and a dedicated peer line for Veterans.

3. Blog Post: Social Engagement While Physical Distancing from Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley and North Shore Elder Services

"The importance of social engagement is clearer now than ever." Check out their latest post that outlines why engagement matters and offers creative ways to stay connected. Suggestions include virtual book clubs and other ideas that allow us to use technology to reach out to older adults in our community.

4. Bus Driver Dance of the Day from MyCIL (Northeast PA Center for Independent Living)

We all need a break. Meet Joe Kirby, one of the COLTS van drivers in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. He puts smiles on the faces of his clients and his followers with his daily dance.

5. Card Making Campaign from WestMass Elder Care

Pizza in exchange for cards? Win-Win! Kids who made 5 cards for elders served by WMEC receive a free pizza from the neighborhood Italian restaurant.  Kids are encouraged to add riddles and colorful drawings to the letters sent to seniors.

6. Teaming up with Distillers from Northeast Arc

What do you do when you can't find hand sanitizer? Team up with a distiller to create the product not only for your own agency but for 20 other local non-profits. Northeast Arc was able to secure 630 1/2 gallon bottles sent to their 24-hour residential programs.

7. Grubwith24 Mobile-Less Delivery from 24Hour Home Care

To connect isolated seniors with on-demand food delivery services, 24 Hour Home Care partnered with Grubhub. Through this innovative partnership, seniors have the ability to order food without using a smartphone or without visiting a website.

8. Shared Staffing from JEVS Care at Home

Ready to assist fellow senior housing providers, JEVS Care at Home offered to provide caregivers for temporary staffing needs.

9. Resource Listing: Supporting your Child with Disabilities at Home from Perkins School for the Blind

You may find yourself wondering how to explain the current events to children, what activities will be beneficial while they are not able to go to school, or how you will access resources for your family during this time. Perkins has compiled an extensive list of resources.

10. On Point with Perry from Arc of Madison Cortland

Perry Courto, Executive Director, hosted a video chat "On Point with Perry" to answer pressing questions. The online greeting provided clients and families with a series of updates about the support the agency offers.