Preparing for the technology requirements of MassHealth’s Community Partners Program

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MassHealth secured funding through the state’s five-year innovative 1115 Medicaid waiver and has restructured to add an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) model where community-based provider organizations will partner with MassHealth to deliver coordinated care. Formal partnerships have been formed with Behavioral Health (BH) and Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) Community Partners to improve member experience and health outcomes in Massachusetts.


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We bring our expertise to certified lead providers in the MassHealth Community Partners program. Annkissam is the leading national provider of Financial Management Services (FMS) software in self-direction, an innovative model of long-term care that supports individuals to live in their communities. Our web-based workflow management software is the backbone of LTSS providers in 23 states including Massachusetts.


The Annkissam Community Partners(CP) billing solution bolts on to your existing tools bringing efficiency and speed to CP billing and helps you become a highly-valued partner to the ACOs.


Our systems can take information from your EHR/Case Management system you use to store all member information including corresponding Qualifying Activities for each member and feed that to a Processing module. Once in the Processing module, data will feed to the Billing module where claims will be processed. The Billing module sends 837 files to MassHealth and receives and processes 835 files. Information related to expected payments to CPs for a given period can be exported from your EHR/Case Management system to a Reconciliation module. The Reconciliation module has the ability to receive 820 files from MassHealth and the module will reconcile the received payment from MassHealth with the expected payments based on the data in the Annkissam software. Reports are customizable based on changing federal, state, and other agency stakeholder demands.

Annkissam systems to address Community Partners billing



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