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Software specialized for Colorado IRSS Host Home agencies

Get the most from IRSS CO Host. The only software specialized for Colorado Individual Residential Services and Supports (IRSS) Host Home agencies.

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There's no place like a Colorado Host Home! IRSS CO Host captures and manages the important information needed to run your Colorado Host Home agency operations.

  • Document client history, diagnoses, physicians, medications, and more
  • Manage client and provider workflow status in real time
  • Run state-specific, client-visit, client incident, and many other specialty reports


  • Upload and store client forms and track expirations and renewals
  • Create and update Individual Service and Support Plans (ISSP) 
  • Remind providers of annual meetings
  • Record medical days
  • Track provider weekly hours and export data for billing


  • Store client data with confidence in a HIPAA-secure system
  • Record host home provider demographics, training, and requirements
  • Store completed forms like professional liability, home insurance, and background checks



  • Allow users to login at different access levels
  • Facilitate information sharing among staff members
  • Validate data and require user completion
  • Print forms pre-populated with client and provider data
  • Access the web-based system from anywhere


What clients are saying

IRSS CO host has really helped me get established and has hugely supported our business as we work on scaling.

I appreciate your company being interested in our long term relationship and success. It is so refreshing and has made all the difference in our success.

IRSS CO Host can be used as a stand-alone cloud Host Home software solution or it can be used with other systems, such as our Medicaid billing solution, EDI Autoclaim.