Home and Community-Based Services

Home and Community-Based Services
Helping people thrive in their homes and communities

HCBS software by people who get it.

Recipe for Growth:

Annkissam staff marinate in the rules of your program. 
Combine HCBS expertise and Medicaid know-how.
Reduce the paper, fold in automation, and
layer compliance into your business operations.
Watch your agency grow from the simmer of a waitlist.
Serves 100, 500 and more.​

Streamlining critical operations for HCBS

Our clients are using technology to help individuals who are aging or who have disabilities flourish at home instead of in nursing homes or institutions. From the outset, Annkissam has developed software with Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) workflows and rules built right in. As HCBS programs change, our clients’ software flexes with them.

Meeting unique needs of every program across states

At Annkissam, our approach is to dig deep to learn about a program and then develop a software solution to meet the unique needs of that program in each state. We understand that much of what HCBS organizations do is unique to their state requirements and the needs of the individuals they serve. Annkissam software is used in 38 states and counting. 

HCBS programs are surprisingly different state-to-state and agency-to-agency. Our teams focus on knowing the programs and our clients. Our software easily adjusts to varying program requirements, simplifying and automating the complex workflows that we know are part of managing HCBS programs. By doing this, our clients see increased efficiencies and accuracy in their day to day work and make room for continued growth in their programs.

Expertise from the ground up

Our expertise is built on understanding each program from the ground up, coupled with recognizing the needs of our clients. In addition, our staff also brings a wealth of direct experience to every product we build and implement.

Annkissam staff have a range of frontline HCBS experience, including direct care, case management and personal care services. Other staff have worked in technology, health care access and advocacy, and Medicaid policy.

Together, this combined expertise means our clients get to work with individuals across every facet of Annkissam who understand their varied programs and program goals, and how to build efficiencies for growth and success.

HCBS programs we work with

Annkissam provides software solutions for many different Home and Community-Based Services, including:

  • Medicaid Managed Care providers
  • Centers for Independent Living
  • Adult Family Care/Adult Foster Care/Shared Living providers
  • Personal Care Management agencies -Day Habilitation centers
  • Home Health Care agencies and other organizations that help individuals thrive at home and in their community.

What clients are saying

We respect all of the knowledge you have of this industry and know that you're the best in the game!"

Using Annkissam software has benefited our consumers too. It’s improved our responsiveness. We have more time with consumers in the home and more time to spend on meeting client and caregiver needs."

Working with Mollie Murphy has been extremely beneficial over the years. She is knowledgeable in long-term services and supports and all related policy and regulations; she has led us competently in project management of initiatives and program enhancements."

What I like most about this software is the quick turn around for filling our claims and receiving payment from Medicaid."

Annkissam offers products designed to manage your Adult Family Care programs, handle electronic Medicaid billing, operate FMS programs for self-direction, and coordinate Personal Care Management services.