A home for your organization’s knowledge

Many organizations grapple with how to best make use of rich, disparate and embedded organizational and staff knowledge. Habitat helps nonprofit organizations manage their unique knowledge.

Use Habitat Anywhere, Anytime

Habitat is responsive and works on desktops, tablets, and smart phones so knowledge can be accessed when and where you need it.

Compile Tacit Knowledge

  • Record personal and staff knowledge
  • Document policies and procedures across your organization
  • Upload documents easily and securely
  • Retain knowledge even with staff turnover


Manage Your Information

  • Find key information — when and where you want it
  • Share knowledge directly with staff
  • Tag, sort, search, and edit your stored information
  • View permissions and track data movement


Collaborate on Projects

  • Share key information easily
  • Store project information in one place
  • Track progress toward project completion
  • Run web-based system on multiple browsers and platforms


Let us know how we can help you manage your knowledge at info@annkissam.com