FMS Engine

FMS Engine
Grow your Financial Management Services operation

FMS Engine is a web-based tool for providing Financial Management Services

in self-directed programs. 

The right fit for your FMS operations.

FMS Engine is designed to be a customized solution for your organization, without the cost of customization. You build the FMS Engine you want, choosing the components you need. As your business grows and your operations need to evolve, so can the components you utilize in your software solution.

If your organization operates as a 

  • Fiscal/Employer Agent
  • Agency with Choice
  • Fiscal Intermediary
  • Fiscal Support Entity
  • Intermediary Service Organization
  • Co-employment Service
  • Financial Management Services Agency (FMSA)
  • Consumer-Directed Services Agency

...and you work in one of these program for your clients:

  • Consumer Direction
  • Self-Direction
  • Participant Direction
  • Cash and Counseling
  • Veterans-Directed Care
  • Community Living Programs
  • Money Follows the Person
  • Home and Community-Based Services
  • Consumer-Directed Services
  • Consumer-Directed Care
  • Consumer-Directed Option

...then FMS Engine is the premiere professional tool for you

Annkissam Statistics - Happy individual image
Number of self-directing individuals served by our systems


Annkissam Statistics - Cloud and arrow image
Self-direction payments processed

$21.67 Billion

Annkissam Statistics - Two employees image
Employees working in self-direction tracked in our systems


Annkissam Statistics - Checklist image
Self-direction timesheets  processed

8.9 Million

What is FMS Engine?

FMS Engine is the leading cloud-based software designed to power your FMS operations. 

Designed with the rules built right in and configured for your state and program-specific regulations, FMS Engine helps you stay ahead of compliance and offers integrity and support during the growth phases of your business.

Intuitive and role-based, FMS Engine puts you behind the wheel when it comes to your organization's security and accessibility by allowing you to give the specific access to your team that their role requires, not too much and not too little. 

FMS Engine utilizes components specific to the core functions of your service delivery. The system can be used for a singular function or multiple components can be “linked” together for seamless integration. Implement certain components based on immediate operational demands and add on others for additional functionality as your business grows.

FMS Engine boosts your operations in 5 key areas

Participant Enrollment

  • Pre-populate your custom enrollment packet with participant information
  • Print your enrollment packet from anywhere
  • Participants just review and sign their packets; no form completion is necessary
  • The system tells you how each form must be processed and in what order
  • System workflow tracks progress and provides clear next steps

Budget and Authorization Management

  • Easily create participant budgets from program services and rates
  • Automatically budget for employer tax expenditures
  • Budget isn’t approved until the designated people authorize it
  • Participants, care managers, state and families can see the budget and expenditures in real time.

Communication and Tracking

  • Easily track all customer service activity
  • Allow staff and selected stakeholders to see every communication that has taken place for a participant
  • Automatic emails remind staff to take action as needed
  • Keep all the information you need to detect fraud and pass audit

Timesheet and Invoice Processing

  • Web-based timesheet and invoice entry
  • Workers and vendors get immediate feedback if there is a problem with their timesheet or invoice
  • After ensuring a payment is allowed per budget and program rules, system creates payroll and accounts payable files
  • Create bills and reconcile remittances

Medicaid Billing

FMS Engine's Medicaid Billing Module can be used as a stand alone, customizable system or as an integrated module with any of FMS Engine's other modules.  Use the Medicaid Billing Module to:

  • Produce batch electronic billing files
  • Import batch electronic remittance files to instantly mark each claim as paid, denied, or partially paid
  • Track the reason for denial, allowing for easy follow-up and re-billing
  • Benefit from robust controls to ensure accurate, speedy billing and payment
  • Track accounts receivable and aging by program, payer, consumer and more
  • Run powerful reports and use streamlined workflows
  • Bill Managed Care providers
  • Produce pre-populated CMS 1500 forms
  • Check Medicaid eligibility in batch and prevent claims for ineligible consumers

FMS Engine's Medicaid Billing Module is fully web-based, allowing staff to access it from remote locations and work simultaneously.

What clients are saying

The Annkissam staff are the leading experts in the field of self-direction. It is refreshing to talk to Annkissam staff that have been in the business and understand first hand the challenges that FMS providers face each day.”

Annkissam’s depth and breadth of knowledge of consumer direction far surpassed our expectations.”

FMS Engine delivered what was promised.”

In considering software, we researched industry-specific software leaders, and used feedback from peer FMS agencies, and chose a platform based on FMS acumen and intelligence. We chose Annkissam because their software offered an intersection of business intelligence, ability to optimize systems and shared values.”

We have money stashed away because the billing is more regular, more complete, more accurate. We have money set aside for a whole payroll. This is thanks to FMS Engine.”