FMS Engine

Grow your Financial Management Services operation

FMS Engine is a web-based tool for providing Financial Management Services in participant-directed programs. We built our FMS expertise right into the system.

If your organization operates as a

  • Fiscal/Employer Agent
  • Agency with Choice
  • Fiscal Intermediary
  • Fiscal Support Entity
  • Intermediary Service Organization
  • Co-employment Service
  • Financial Management Services Agency (FMSA)

... and you work in one of these programs for your clients

  • Consumer Direction
  • Self Direction
  • Participant Direction
  • Cash and Counseling
  • Veterans-Directed Care
  • Community Living Programs
  • Money Follows the Person
  • Home and Community Based Services
  • Consumer Directed Services

... then FMS Engine is the premiere professional tool for you.

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FMS Engine boosts your operations in 5 key areas

Participant Enrollment

  • Pre-populate your custom enrollment packet with participant information
  • Print your enrollment packet from anywhere
  • Participants just review and sign their packets; no form completion is necessary
  • The system tells you how each form must be processed and in what order
  • System workflow tracks progress and provides clear next steps

Communication and Tracking

  • Easily track all customer service activity
  • Allow staff and selected stakeholders to see every communication that has taken place for a participant
  • Automatic emails remind staff to take action as needed
  • Keep all the information you need to detect fraud and pass audits

Budget and Authorization Management

  • Easily create participant budgets from program services and rates
  • Automatically budget for employer tax expenditures
  • Budget isn’t approved until the designated people authorize it
  • Participants, care managers, state and families can see the budget and expenditures in real time

Timesheet and Invoice Processing

  • Web-based timesheet and invoice entry
  • Workers and vendors get immediate feedback if there is a problem with their timesheet or invoice
  • After ensuring a payment is allowed per budget and program rules, system creates payroll and accounts payable files
  • Create bills and reconcile remittances

Medicaid Billing

FMS Engine's Medicaid Billing Module can be used as a stand alone, customizable system or as an integrated module with any of FMS Engine's other modules.  Use the Medicaid Billing Module to:

  • Produce batch electronic billing files
  • Import batch electronic remittance files to instantly mark each claim as paid, denied, or partially paid
  • Track the reason for denial, allowing for easy follow up and re-billing
  • Benefit from robust controls to ensure accurate, speedy billing and payment
  • Track accounts receivable and aging by program, payer, consumer and more
  • Run powerful reports and use streamlined work flows
  • Bill Managed Care providers
  • Produce pre-populated CMS 1500 forms
  • Check Medicaid eligibility in batch and prevent claims for ineligible consumers

FMS Engine's Medicaid Billing Module is fully web-based, allowing staff to access it from remote locations and work simultaneously.

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