F/EA Blueprint

Policies and procedures for your F/EA operation

F/EA Blueprint is a web-based Policies and Procedures manual, with suggested policies, procedures and internal controls. F/EA Blueprint is your leg up to maintain compliance with the latest Fiscal/Employer Agent rules and best practices.

F/EA Blueprint was developed by national F/EA expert Mollie (Grotpeter) Murphy

  • Over 115 chapters, each covering a required or suggested F/EA task
  • Each chapter includes a suggested policy, procedure and internal controls that can be edited and updated per your F/EA requirements
  • Built with Drupal, a scalable open source content management system, which is easily customized to meet your evolving needs

Organize your policies and procedures

A Living Document

  • When changes are made to your manual, all staff instantly have the most up-to-date version
  • Easily insert and update your own glossary definitions
  • Maintain a core manual with branches for individual programs or states
  • Customize the manual to reflect your F/EA operations

Link to Sources, Feature Images

  • Put hyperlinks in your chapters that link to external sources (e.g. www.irs.gov)
  • Integrate your manual with your other F/EA systems by inserting links in the manual where systems are referenced
  • Show images of your own forms right in line with procedures

Track Revisions

  • Keep track of who makes what changes to content
  • Revert to prior versions of chapter text
  • Control who can make changes to chapter text