Client Management and Workflow

Client Management & Workflow
Smart software for growth and efficiency

Keeping operations humming so staff can focus on people and services.

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You're going to love it here!

Everything you need to stay ahead of compliance is already included. Easy tracking features and automation with program rules are built right in. Historical information is always around, so I feel ever-ready for my next audit. There’s even unique levels of user access so everyone has access to the information they need in real-time. 

Can’t wait to tell you more about workflows!

Program rules meet automation

Many of the Medicaid-funded programs our clients manage have to meet state and federal requirements and be ready to flex when those rules change. In addition, the programs require vast amounts of oversight, tracking and audit-readiness.

At Annkissam, our approach is to get into the details so the software knows and enforces the rules of your programs. We take these complex rules and requirements and build them into the software with automation and workflows that simplify the day- to- day program management tasks for our clients.

With easy-to-use dashboards, rich client management and compliance workflows, and comprehensive reporting features, our software supports the unique operations, data requirements, reporting and outcome measures our clients nee

Workflows make it work

Annkissam’s operational software is different than other software because we make it smart and flexible so our clients can grow, serve more individuals, and do it efficiently. 

Workflows are the crux of the operations. They help automate routine tasks, trigger reminders to keep track of important deadlines and renewals, maintain compliance, create easy-to-access reporting for data analysis and decision making, and replace manual processes so a team of fewer staff can do more.

Building in best practices

Shared commitment equals shared success. Many of the client management and workflow features across our products were developed with best-practices from Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) programs across the country.

In working with more than 90 HCBS programs throughout the United States, we’ve learned how different programs structure workflows to meet state-required practices. These shared insights from our clients mean the whole community of clients benefit from many ease-of-use features in our software.

What clients are saying

Thanks for listening to the needs of the business and working to define a solution that meets short-term needs, but also positions us for the future in keeping with standard processes and correct data."

The software is catching rules that we wouldn’t have caught without it."

I don’t know what I’m going to do with all this time now (that I have a new software system). This is waaayyyyy better than our previous software. It makes sense, it's cooperating with me, it's easy. I like it."

The software is very user friendly. It has queues to walk you through every step along the way. If you don’t do something right it brings you back to where you need to complete it. Especially good for our new employees. Our software is ahead of our peers, which has allowed us to increase our speed."

Annkissam offers products designed to manage your Adult Family Care programs, handle electronic Medicaid billing, operate FMS programs for self-direction, and coordinate Personal Care Management services.