CFSS Partner

CFSS Partner
Purpose-built software for consultation services in self-direction
Saddle up to a system with the horsepower to meet all the needs of Community First Services and Supports consultation service
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Hello Community First Services and Supports (CFSS)!

Minnesota is known nationally for top-notch long-term services and supports so it is no surprise they are at it again with innovation. The new CFSS program will replace the Personal Care Attendant (PCA) and Consumer Support Grant (CSG) programs.

Be ready with the tools you need in Financial Management Services and Consultation Services.

CFSS Partner captures then manages data.

Improve your organization's efficiency and collaboration. CFSS Partner manages participant data, scheduling, orientation, training, and more.


Online policies and procedures for your CFSS consultation services.

Collaborate. Compile. Comply. Consult!

Stay ahead of compliance and focus on what matters.

CFSS Partner, is a web-based, HIPAA-secure data management system. Find your customized information quickly and easily with role-based security for access control from anywhere. 

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Number of self-directing individuals served by our systems


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Self-direction payments processed

$21.67 Billion

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Employees working in self-direction tracked in our systems


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Self-direction timesheets  processed

12 Million

What is CFSS Partner?

CFSS Partner is your software choice to manage the CFSS consultation services with ease, while also improving your organization’s efficiency and collaboration. With new contracts come new regulations and reporting requirements.

Features and Functionality:

Supports consultation services with Budget Model and Agency Model

Compile and Search Data 

  • Upload HIPAA-secure information
  • Document participant history, diagnoses, agencies, orientation, and more

Manage Information Effectively 

  • Track participant workflow status in real-time
  • Retain knowledge—even with turnover
  • Produce billing reports with CSV downloads

Maximize Your Teams' Efficiency

  • Web-based system provides access from anywhere
  • Facilitate information sharing among staff members
  • Allow users to login at different access levels
  • Print forms pre-populated with participant, representative, and other data
  • Validate data and require user completion
  • Configure your system to meet your specific needs

What clients are saying

The Annkissam staff are the leading experts in the field of self-direction. It is refreshing to talk to Annkissam staff that have been in the business and understand first hand the challenges that FMS providers face each day.”

You mean I don't have to use pen and paper to write down a checklist? - Wow.”

Annkissam’s depth and breadth of knowledge of consumer direction far surpassed our expectations.”

CFSS Partner can be used for both the Budget Model and the Agency Model for CFSS Consultation Services. FMS Engine, is your first choice for providing FMS in CFSS.