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The only software made for the Massachusetts Adult Foster Care program

Manage your program operations with ease and efficiency.

Growing AFC providers choose AFC Home.

AFC Home is a web-based, HIPAA-secure data management system, designed with the Massachusetts Adult Foster Care (AFC) program rules and regulations built right in. AFC providers can capture and manage member and caregiver data, care plans, visits, training, and more. With workflows to help streamline day to day activities, staff can set reminders, upload documentation for audit and accreditation purposes, and track and report on member activities.

AFC Home captures then manages consumer and caregiver data

Mobilize your operations.
AFC Home is web-based, so your case managers, nurses, and other staff can update notes, complete documentation, and more from a member’s home, while on the road, or from their own homes.

Stay ahead of compliance and focus on what matters.
With robust tracking features, AFC Home keeps you audit-ready and accreditation compliant, all while you spend more time with the members and caregivers who are part of your program.

What is AFC Home? 

AFC Home is a web-based and HIPAA-secure Adult Foster Care/Adult Family Care (AFC) data management application specifically designed to support accredited AFC providers in Massachusetts.

AFC Home has the program rules and regulations built right in. Track all necessary member and caregiver data, provider information, trainings and all necessary billing information. 

AFC Home can store scanned versions of your paper forms for easy access while away from the office. Prefer electronic forms? Generate common forms pre-populated with system data including Care Plans and PCP Order Forms.

With AFC Home you can keep track of who’s doing what and limit user access with role-based permissions. Historical data is always stored so you can keep track of who made changes and when. 

Key Features

  • Document member history, demographics, diagnoses, and ICD-10 codes
  • Record respite days, suspensions, medical and non-medical days to ensure limits are not exceeded
  • Run state-specific, caseload, client-visit, and many other specialty reports
  • Track new and recurring requirements for members, caregivers and staff and set automatic reminders for future due dates
  • Tailor your data fields, workflows, and tracking boards with easy to use configurations settings
  • Auto-populate a PDF of the MDS-HS form from data entered in the system
  • Add-on e-signatures to sign MDS forms or care plans electronically

Compile and Search AFC Data

  • Track member medical needs, providers, appointments, and more
  • Match member to available caregivers
  • Record caregiver demographics, training, and requirements (non-smoking, no pets, etc.)
  • Store multiple addresses, contacts, physicians, and medications
  • Store scanned versions of paper forms in a HIPAA-secure environment

Maximize Your Team’s Efficiency

  • Share knowledge directly among staff
  • Allow users to login at different access levels
  • Validate data and require user completion
  • Print forms pre-populated with AFC system data
  • Retain knowledge for easy staff transitions

Caregiver Portal ​

  • Caregivers can record Activities of Daily Living, Instrumental Activities of Daily Living, and Behavior Logs directly into the portal.
  • Staff can view and report on caregiver logs from AFC Home.
  • The AFC Home tracking board is updated to track caregiver logs.
  • All information submitted through the Caregiver Portal is managed with scoped roles for a strong audit trail for any changes made.

Save your staff and caregivers even more time!

What our clients say about AFC Home

"Using AFC Home has benefited our consumers too. It’s improved our responsiveness. We have more time with consumers in the home and more time to spend on meeting client and caregiver needs."

“Annkissam is great at making updates based on regulation changes [...and] AFC Home is very simple and user-friendly.”

“AFC Home can do a lot of reporting that the state’s system cannot do. For example, the ICD-10 reporting has been very helpful!”

AFC Home can be used as a stand-alone system or can be combined with Annkissam’s Medicaid billing solution, EDI Autoclaim or our new hire onboarding solution, Paperworkr.