941R Express

Eliminate Schedule R frustration.

Updated with the new IRS Schedule R for Form 941, released June 2020.

941R Express is the only system of its kind available for the new version of the Schedule R forms released in June 2020. It automatically populates 941 and 940 Schedule R with valid payroll data, saves valuable time and resources to manage your operations, protects clients’ confidentiality and reduces the potential for errors, penalties, and fines.

  • Starting with tax year 2010, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires Government and Vendor Fiscal/Employer Agents for Self-Directed programs to file Schedule R with Form 941.
  • To address this IRS reporting requirement, Annkissam created 941R Express in 2010. This tool takes an organization’s payroll data and populates the Schedule R for Forms 941 and 940.
  • This tool is in compliance with federal HIPAA requirements. Annkissam is offering this tool to organizations that are required to file Schedule R with Form 941 and 940 with the new version of the forms released in June 2020. Fiscal/Employer Agents depend on 941R Express for proper completion of these unique schedules.

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