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Operations and technology consultants for nonprofits

Our Know-How

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We were founded to support mission-driven organizations with their technology and operations. We help you help others.

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Long-Term Care

Our team has experience providing technology solutions for health and human services organizations that support individuals with long-term care services and supports (LTSS).

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Medicaid Billing

Software to help you get seamlessly paid for your organization's Medicaid claims using electronic eligibility verification, claiming and payment.

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We are experts in Financial Management Services (FMS) for self-direction.  Explore our suite of software products and services that keep you on the leading edge.

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Working with your staff, we can quickly design and build applications that help you achieve your mission.

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Getting ready for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)?

While many of Annkissam’s clients will utilize EVV systems in the future, Annkissam does not offer an EVV solution. Annkissam’s EVV focus is on integrating our software with EVV systems our clients choose or are directed to use in order to support our clients’ smooth operations. Annkissam is committed to working with the EVV solutions of our clients’ choice and does not have an exclusive relationship with any EVV solution providers. Please email info@annkissam.com for any questions.

Our Solutions

IT'S YOUR MISSION: Your Software Should Support It

FMS Engine is designed to be easily customizable for Self-Direction Financial Management Services including Fiscal/Employer Agent, Agency with Choice and Consumer-Directed Services Agencies.
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941R Express (newly updated!) is a tool that helps organizations required to submit the Schedule R of Form 941 and 940 to the IRS. Easy to use, saves time and resources, and protects your clients’ confidentiality.
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PCA Partner provides Personal Care Attendant programs with the ability to capture and manage consumer data, schedules, providers, trainings, and more. PCA Partner is cost-effective secure software to allow easy web access to customized information.
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Policies and Procedures are integral to a Fiscal/Employer Agent provider's success. Get a leg up with this customizable, web-based manual with 118 chapters of suggested F/EA policies, procedures and internal controls.
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HTSgo uses the same technology that large health care providers use to seamlessly verify Medicaid eligibility for high volumes – in real-time.
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Adult Family Care (or Adult Foster Care) providers perform complex work on limited budgets. Learn more about software to streamline and simplify your operations.
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Our Services


Operations Consulting

The way you organize your work can have a major impact on productivity. We help nonprofits and human services organizations streamline their processes, helping them accomplish more with the resources they have. Learn more


Technology Consulting

There are many ways to manage your information and making the right choice can be a challenge. Our consultants can help you clarify your requirements, identify the available options, and select the best solution. Learn more


Software Development

We design and build web applications to support your operations using open-source technology. Our specialty is building complex systems that are HIPAA-secure and accessible to individuals with disabilities. Learn more


Would you like to talk with us directly? You can always reach us at info@annkissam.com.