Software for Home and Community-Based Services

Self-Directed Services

Simplify self-direction with powerful data-driven platforms.

Medicaid Billing

Submit claims 60 times faster with electronic Medicaid billing.

Adult Family Care

Grow your Adult Family Care programs with confidence.

Personal Care Management

Handle Personal Care Management operations with ease.

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Consumers Served by Annkissam Products


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Annkissam Applications Launched and Live


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Self-Direction Wages Processed by 941R Express

$18.08 Billion

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Self-Direction Payments Processed

$21.67 Billion

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For over 13 years, organizations across the United States have had fantastic experiences with Annkissam.

Here's what they have to say...

  • The Annkissam staff are the leading experts in the field of self-direction. It is refreshing to talk to Annkissam staff that have been in the business and understand first hand the challenges that FMS providers face each day.”
  • The software is very user friendly. It has queues to walk you through every step along the way. If you don’t do something right it brings you back to where you need to complete it."
  • I don’t know what I’m going to do with all this time now. This software makes sense, it's cooperating with me, it's easy. I LIKE it."
  • Thanks for listening to the needs of the business and working to define a solution that meets short-term needs, but also positions us for the future in keeping with standard processes and correct data."
  • Wow, my spreadsheets are going away!"
  • I really like the system. It looks easy to use and does all the hard stuff so I don’t have to."
  • Your support and understanding of our business really helped me get things established, and has hugely supported us as we are now working on scaling. I appreciate your company being more interested in our long term relationship than increasing your income right away. It is so refreshing and has made all the difference in our success."
  • You guys have done a great job building a great product"
  • I'd like to express our appreciation for the awesome support and quick turnaround for our requests.  Such a great application, especially without normal mobility and traditional means of communication readily available.  You are truly helping us make a difference!"