FMS Turbo

Add some zip to your FMS operations

Annkissam is excited to announce FMS Turbo! FMS Turbo is a service designed to help you with your organization’s unique challenges in Financial Management Services (FMS) in participant direction and keep you up-to-date with the latest rules and requirements.

When you subscribe to FMS Turbo you'll get:


Regularly emailed updates for Fiscal/Employer Agent operations including:
  •     Updates to how participant employer tax forms should be completed
  •     Updates to IRS required tax processes
  •     Updates on state tax filing and payment requirements and processes
  •     Reminders about tasks that should be completed
  •     Best practices in Fiscal/Employer Agent operations

A web-based training called “Preparing for Year-End” to help Fiscal/Employer Agents get ready for the unique requirements of year-end filing and documentation

Up to 5 hours per year of one-on-one consulting from Annkissam. This is an opportunity to get customized support on operational issues, to ask direct questions about rules & requirements, get technology help and more!

Want to sign-up for FMS Turbo? Email us at