The leading Medicaid billing software that bolts onto your existing tools.
From electronic visit verification, personal care management to case management systems - EDI Autoclaim bolts right on.

EDI Autoclaim provides the speed and accuracy needed for your Medicaid billing.

  • Submit claims electronically and automatically reconcile payments with the click of a button.

  • Check Medicaid eligibility in batch and prevent claims for ineligible consumers.

  • Bill any combination of state Medicaid Management Information Systems, Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), Integrated Care Organizations (ICOs), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and other payers.

EDI Autoclaim

  • is a web-based HIPAA-secure Medicaid billing system used across the country.

  • streamlines Medicaid billing for fast billing and improved cash flow.

  • saves staff time by using built-in logic to ensure billing and reporting accuracy.

  • is highly customizable; as rules and priorities change, the system can accommodate these updates.

  • lets you bill without a clearinghouse to bill fast and bill right.

Use EDI Autoclaim to:

  • Bill fee-for-service, managed care and other payers

  • Produce batch electronic billing files including 837i and 837p files

  • Full-service claim scrubbing to submit your electronic claims the right way the first time

  • Import batch electronic remittance files to instantly mark each claim as paid, denied, or partially paid

  • Track the reason for denial, allowing for easy follow-up and re-billing

  • Benefit from robust controls to ensure accurate, speedy billing and payment

  • Track accounts receivable and aging by program, payer, consumer and more

  • Run powerful reports and use streamlined workflows

  • Produce a pre-populated Forms CMS 1500 and UB-04

  • Bill other entities with our powerful invoicing

EDI Autoclaim can be used as a stand-alone cloud billing solution, can be customized and can be an integrated module with any of FMS Engine's other modules. Click here for more information on FMS Engine.

An EDI Autoclaim client with 200 consumers saves 69 hours a week of staff time when using EDI Autoclaim instead of billing manually.

Organizations with EDI Autoclaim are typically paid 90% faster than billing manually.

EDI Autoclaim system logic results in 100% reduction in:

  • sending incomplete claims
  • billing for invalid diagnosis codes
  • billing for incorrect rates
  • duplicate claim-related denials

  • Number of Consumers served by Annkissam Products


  • “It’s been a pleasure working with you thus far and I have learned a lot from you. You have been awesome at training!"

    –EDI Autoclaim user in Kentucky

  • Self Direction Payments Managed

    $22.83 Billion

  • “Of course, I said how wonderful you all are! I praised your customer service and your software. Shared the painless changes from ICD9 to ICD10 codes."

    –EDI Autoclaim user in Massachusetts

  • Number of Annkissam projects completed or in progress


  • "Using this software, I get to brag to our executive team about how it does exactly what you said it would and how we don’t have any problems. I love using this software."

    –EDI Autoclaim user in Pennsylvania

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